Akciová společnost

Akciová společnost

What is an akciová společnost?

An akciová společnost is a legal entity that is separate from its shareholders. It suggests that the company’s owners are not the only individuals whose owe revenue. The company is owned by its shareholders, who hold shares in the company. The shareholders have the right to vote on important decisions about the company, such as who should be on the board of directors and what the company’s dividend policy should be.

How to form an akciová společnost

The founders of an akciová společnost must create articles of agreement and a letter of association. The firm’s name, register office, and let capital size must all be listed in the note of association. The regulations govern the company’s internal operations must be stated in its rules of syndication.

The rules of the organization and the memo must also be signed via the register of merchants by the owners.Once the company has been registered, it becomes a legal entity and can start doing business.

Rights and obligations of shareholders

The power to vote on major company choices

the capacity to vote on significant business choices

The right to receive dividends

The right to inspect the company’s books and records

Shareholders also have the following obligations:

The obligation to pay for their shares

The obligation to comply with the company’s memorandum and articles of association

Management of an akciová společnost

A committee of directors controls the administration of an Akciová společnost. The day-to-day running of the corporation and the formulation of strategy fall within the oversight of the board of directors. At the annual general meeting, investors choose the board of officers.

Advantages of an akciová společnost

A result of an akciová společnost has several perks, like:

Limited liability for shareholders

The ability to raise capital from investors

Perpetual order: In the event that an owner sells their stake or is away, the company will still remain.

Disadvantages of an akciová společnost

Also, there are other drawbacks to creating such akciová společnost, such as:

The founding and operating costs of the corporation

The complexity of the legal or legislation

A responsibility to adhere to financial governance ideals

Examples of akciové společnosti

In the Czech Republic, few of the biggest akciové společnosti are categorized as follows:

Škoda Auto

Česká spořitelna


Komerční banka

J&T Banka


An akciová společnost is a popular form of business organization in the Czech Republic. It offers a number of advantages, such as limited liability for shareholders and the ability to raise capital from investors. However, The are multiple downsides to creating anakciová společnost, like the price of founding and running the business and the intricacy of the rules and regulations

Additional information

This is more ideas to akciové společnosti:

Royalties: Akciové společnosti are obligated to shell out royalties to their shareholders from a share of their revenues. The board of managers sets the size of profits that flow out.

Taxes: Akciové společnosti are subject to corporate income tax. On the Czech Republic, corporate income tax rates is a percentage of 19

An audit of the annual accounts payable by a professional auditors is needed.

CPersonal governance: A number of criteria for corporate governance need to be met as Akciové společnosti. These requirements are designed to protect the interests of shareholders and to ensure that the company is managed in a responsible and transparent manner.


Since akciové společnosti are a sophisticated type of organization structure, companies of all sizes can benefit from them in many ways. Hiring law и expertise is crucial if you’re thinking of organizing an akciová společnost in order to make that you meet all the necessary guidelines.


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